Terra Firma Cowl

A friend of mine brought back some beautiful wool from a trip to New Zealand last year. It was in the spring, so I didn’t feel inspired to knit anything with wool at the time…BUT on Saturday night I felt the inspiration!

I decided to knit a cowl, much like the one pictured on the packaging 🙂

Image 1

I used my US 50 circular needles ( these babies are huge!) and knitted back and forth on them opposed to connecting in the round.

Image 2

The pattern I used was as follows:

Cast on 10 stitches

Knit 1, *yfwd, s1k1psso, repeat from * to last stitch, knit 1.

I repeated this pattern until there was just enough yarn left for casting off and joining the edges together.

Image 3

It was a quick knit, and I am excited for it to get a tad bit colder so I can take it out for it’s debut!


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