Long time no blog

Hello! Long time no blog 😉

I don’t really have an excuse as to why it has been so long. Life has just gotten ahead of me, especially with the holidays and  since I’m new to this whole blogging thing it was easy to let it fall to the wayside. I’m all over it for 2015 though, well at least I hope to be.

The past couple of years my husband and I have taken to starting the new year off with a cleanse. Our cleanse of choice is the Wild Rose Herbal D-tox Cleanse.  Now cleansing isn’t for everyone, and I am aware that there can be lots of problems with cleanses and cleansing culture.  We like this particular cleanse because it doesn’t colour too far outside the lines of what we typically like to eat and we choose to cleanse because we tend to like to re-evaluate our eating habits this time of year and find it to be a fun challenge that we do together!

This is not to say that everyone will experience this cleanse the same way!

I’ve decided to blog about it this time around as a way of getting back into blog posting. During this 12 day cleanse, I will be taking 3 different herbal supplements and a herbal-extract tincture twice a day and avoiding foods such as dairy, sugar, flour products and alcohol.


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